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v. 8, n. 1 (2011) Use and Development of Health Information Systems: The Experience of an Organizational Unit Responsible for the Technological Services at a Public Hospital Resumo   PDF (English)
Sonia Valle W. Borges de Oliveira, Cristiane Sonia Arroyo, Marcio Mattos Borges de Oliveira, Alessandra Henriques Ferreira
v. 11, n. 1 (2014) Use of the Rfid Technology to Overcome Inefficiencies in the Production Process: an Analysis of a Microcomputer Company in Ilhéus – Bahia Resumo   PDF (English)
Frederico Wergne de Castro Araújo Filho, X. L. Travassos, Paulo S. Figueiredo
v. 12, n. 2 (2015) Use of virtual learning environments: A theoretical model using decomposed expectancy disconfirmation theory Resumo   PDF (English)
Fernando Antonio de Melo Pereira, Anatália Saraiva Martins Ramos, Adrianne Paula Vieira de Andrade, Bruna Miyuki Kasuya de Oliveira
v. 9, n. 2 (2012) Uses of ERP Systems and Their Influence on Controllership Functions in Brazilian Companies Resumo   PDF (English)
Arnaldo Morozini de Lira, Cláudio Parisi, Ivam Ricardo Peleias, Marcos Reinaldo Severino Peters
v. 11, n. 2 (2014) Using Analytic Network for Selection of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) Aligned To Business Strategy Resumo   PDF (English)   PDF
Alberto de Medeiros Jr., Gilberto Perez, Sérgio Lex
v. 2, n. 1 (2005) Using E-Collaboration to Improve Management Education: Three Scenarios Resumo   PDF (English)
Marie-Noëlle Bessagnet, Lee Schlenker, Robert Aiken
v. 9, n. 1 (2012) Using Grounded Theory as a Method for System Requirements Analysis Resumo   PDF (English)
Mohanad Halaweh
v. 13, n. 3 (2016) Using Research Methods in Human Computer Interaction to Design Technology for Resilience Resumo   PDF (English)
Arminda Guerra Lopes
v. 11, n. 2 (2014) Using the BSC For Strategic Planning of IT (Information Technology) in Brazilian Organizations Resumo   PDF (English)
Adriano Olímpio Tonelli, Paulo Henrique de Souza Bermejo, André Luiz Zambalde
v. 10, n. 2 (2013) Using University Ranking Systems to Predict Usability of University Websites Resumo   PDF (English)
Layla Hasan
v. 9, n. 3 (2012) Value Creation from Organizational Project Management: A Case Study in a Government Agency Resumo   PDF (English)
Warlei Agnelo De Oliveira, cristiana fernandes de muylder
v. 13, n. 3 (2016) What Influences Information Security Behavior? A Study with Brazilian Users Resumo   PDF (English)
Rodrigo Hickmann Klein, Edimara Mezzomo Luciano
v. 5, n. 3 (2008) Wimax Traffic Model Based on Time Series for Forecastfuture Values of Traffic Resumo   PDF (English)
Cesar Augusto Hernández Suarez, Octavio José Salcedo Parra, Luis Fernando Pedraza Martínez
v. 3, n. 1 (2006) Workability of a Management Control Model in Service Organizations: A Comparative Study of Reactive, Proactive and Coactive Philosophies Resumo   PDF (English)
Joshua Onome Imoniana
v. 4, n. 2 (2007) Workflow Modelling Within Selected Part of Public Administration Focused to the Regional Office Resumo   PDF (English)
Jan Capek, Robert Bata
v. 8, n. 3 (2011) XIDM: An Xlink-Based Multidimensional Metamodel Resumo   PDF (English)
Paulo Caetano da Silva, Mateus Silqueira Hickson Cruz, Valéria Cesário Times
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